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The past few years have seen the US CBD marketplace bloom, with new brands coming up every day. That is certainly the case because the 2018 US Farm Bill gave more impetus for hemp entrepreneurs to enter the CBD industry. That said, not many brands can boast coming to existence before that landmark Farm Bill. On the other hand, Made by Hemp boasts many years of hemp advocacy. Having been established in 2013, Made by Hemp is a Michigan-based CBD brand whose mantra is to provide quality hemp extracts infused in numerous varieties of flavorings, top-shelf products, and wellness supplements.

Made by Hemp runs a top-notch CBD shopping site featuring various CBD-infused products that range from top-shelf natural flavorings and terpenes to high-quality hemp extracts. The company seeks to diversify CBD consumption mechanisms, which is why it creates unique formulations through which consumers can take CBD. The company enlists the help of technicians and expert herbalists to create high-grade hemp-derived wellness products. The company has organized products into categories based on suggested uses, prices, consumer preferences, and goals on its premier website. In these categories, the company offers extensive offerings of CBD-infused items and at consumer-friendly price points. Ultimately, Made by Hemp offers a one-stop-shop with all top CBD products that consumers from all walks of life can access.

The site is quite detailed, intuitive, and easily navigable. We found it quite impressive because it made our shopping journey quite seamless. According to the company profile, the company seeks to provide access to quality CBD-infused products by utilizing premium standard manufacturing and formulation practices from seed to sale. Made by Hemp uses all-natural, organic, and sustainable farming practices on its hemp farmlands, utilizes the supercritical CO2 extraction method, and conducts comprehensive third-party lab tests for all the product batches to guarantee a worry-free consumer experience. The company uses eco-friendly farming practices and non-GMO raw materials and ingredients to formulate its broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and isolate hemp-derived products.

We found Made by Hemp CBD company impressive because of the extensive product offerings, consistent product labels, and comprehensive independent third-party lab test results accessible on its website. The company uses American-grown CBD-rich industrial hemp (cultivated in Grand Rapids, Michigan) and gold-standard extraction and manufacturing practices. Its dedication to transparency, especially in this era of brands with troubling reputations, is immense. With that in mind, here is an in-depth view of Made by Hemp CBD, the company mission, what sets the it apart from competitors, and an overview of its premium quality products.

Background: About the Company

Made by Hemp is a Michigan-based premier CBD company founded in 2013 and independently owned by Jeff Gallagher. The founder, Jeff, had a life-altering experience with cannabis and decided to harness the therapeutic potential of CBD. Therefore, he came up with a brand that could help people enhance their health and overall well-being. The company utilizes a customer-oriented business model that ensures all its product offerings have an equal or greater CBD amount than advertised. This is done specifically to exceed consumer expectations. Further, its product catalog contains a THC amount less than the allowable limit of 0.3%.

The founder boasts an extensive background in cannabinoid research and enlists specialists’ help to formulate only the highest quality and premium CBD-infused products. Having been on the company website, we were impressed with its commitment to educational content regarding CBD. The website runs a comprehensive blog that is anchored towards informing beginners about hemp use while helping them make informed decisions. That, coupled with the company’s quality hemp sourcing and GMP-approved manufacturing practices, is the reason Made by Hemp has remained the mainstay it is in today’s CBD marketplace.

The company utilizes US-grown CBD-rich industrial hemp cultivated using natural, organic, non-GMO, and sustainable agricultural practices engineered to protect mother nature. Up until 2016, the company started to enlist other sources of hemp, including Europe and Canada. This was only done to meet its ever-growing demand for quality hemp-infused products. But that stopped in 2018 when the company started growing its hemp on licensed farmlands located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. According to the company website, it is clear that Made by Hemp is committed to the quality and safety of its products. The company, aside from using US-sourced hemp, utilizes the gold standard supercritical CO2 extraction method to obtain CBD, terpenes, and phytonutrient-rich extract essential for the hemp’s entourage effect plant.

The company also enlists the services of ISO-certified independent third-party lab testers who verify the purity, consistency, and cannabinoid integrity of its CBD products. That aside, the company’s customer-facing interfaces, such as the website, shipments, deliveries, and the customer service team, are quite impressive. The website has an intuitive design and is well organized, and has a “CBD Shop” link where customers can browse products based on ingredient lists, preferences, goals, price points, and suggested uses. Other useful aspects such as the FAQs, the Blog post, and the onsite live chatbox can offer key information for anyone with inquiries or looking to get started with CBD oil.

Additionally, the company’s numerous customer assistance programs caught our eye. Aside from its 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee and the 40% military veterans discount, the company also runs numerous savings deals that customers can benefit from. The company runs a rewards program whereby customers earn loyalty points for every buck spent and auto-shipment and wholesale options, which come with significant savings on the buck. The company also offers fast and efficient shipments and stands out for its community engagement programs such as charitable and afforestation organizations.

Why Made by Hemp and What Sets It Apart from Other Top Brands

  • The company utilizes strict vetting procedures on all organic ingredients, implying that its products meet premium quality standards.
  • All manufacturing processes are done in-house in Michigan GMP-certified facilities and conduct comprehensive, third-party testing for quality, potency, and consistency.
  • Unlike other top brands, Made by Hemp conducts hemp composition and taste tests. The company’s employees check product flavors and potencies to ensure unique CBD-infused offerings on the marketplace.
  • The company welcomes opinions from critiques and its customers. According to it, customer opinion is quite important as it helps them analyze product efficacy and acceptance. As such, they welcome all reviews posted on their engagement forums.
  • The company offers fast and efficient shipping, along with numerous customer assistance programs such as money-saving subscription programs, rewards programs for redeemable loyalty points, educational and informative blog posts, as well as bundles to help consumers save on wholesale purchases.
  • Made by Hemp supports local charitable organizations, food programs, and tree planting initiatives.
  • All products are comprehensively tested for purity, potency, and consistency, and the company also runs a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee that is indicative of its confidence in its product range.
  • The entire product catalog is third-party tested and is offered at competitive market price points.
  • Offers both nationwide and international shipping using fast and efficient shipping options.


  • Hemp Source – the United States.
  • CBD Extract Method – the supercritical CO2 Extraction.
  • International Shipping – Australia, Indonesia, United States, Japan, Ireland, Hong Kong, New Zealand.
  • Price Range – $15.99 to $149.00.
  • CBD Strength – 40 mg to 2400 mg.
  • Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee – Yes.
  • Military Veteran Discount – Yes.
  • Offers Tastes and Flavors – No.
  • Price Range per mg of CBD – $0.06 to $0.45.
  • Extract Types – Broad Spectrum, Full Spectrum, Isolates.
  • Consumption Method – creams and topicals, tinctures and drops, capsules, vapes, and liquids: Pets – tinctures, gummies, and pet edibles.
  • Purchase offers – bulk, wholesale, one-time purchase, white-label, and affiliate programs.
  • Customer service team contact – phone; (844) 887- 4367; email – [email protected].
  • Point of sale – online shop via the official company website.

Manufacturing Process

Having been established in 2013, Made by Hemp is one of the oldest top brands in the CBD marketplace and prides itself in its extensive background in hemp-based research and the cultivation of genetically strong strains of CBD. In the beginning, the company sourced its industrial hemp from both within the USA and across the borders in Europe. But from 2016, the company shifted to only US-grown hemp after it acquired the license to cultivate its hemp in organic farmlands based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. But to meet the ever-growing demand for its products, the company also partners with local farmers who practice organic agricultural methods to supply hemp to its Michigan manufacturing facility.

Made by Hemp CBD partners only with farmers who adhere to organic and sustainable cultivation methods because the founders believe in environmental conservation and protection of mother earth. That said, all products in the catalog are formulated using CO2 extracted CBD-rich extract, along with active organic ingredients. The company’s manufacturing criteria are anchored on the pillars of quality, purity, transparency, and environmental conservation. Having explored the aspects mentioned above about the company, it is clear how it shines through its business practices, manufacturing process, product formulations from seed to sale. Further, the company’s dedication to quality and consistency is evident by its Michigan-based GMP-approved quality-controlled facilities to ensure product safety and a worry-free consumer experience.

The company monitors all production steps from seed to sale while utilizing industry-standard manufacturing and extraction practices to guarantee the highest-quality product catalog. The company enjoys a stellar reputation for its wide range of quality products, effectiveness, and dedication to customer service. At the Michigan manufacturing facility, mature hemp harvested and shipped from Grand Rapids undergoes extraction via super clean CO2 extraction. This criterion is considered the cleanest method to obtain the cannabinoid-rich extract that contains all useful terpenes and active phytochemicals that contribute to hemp’s entourage effect. The company’s product line is formulated in-house using all-natural and organic ingredients to produce a wide range of product offerings that comprise hemp isolates, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum.

At this stage, the company ships all its product batches to licensed independent third-party lab testers to verify and certify their cannabinoid composition and label claims, respectively. Here, the independent lab testers carry out a comprehensive phyto-forensic analysis to ascertain the label accuracy, THC composition, and cannabinoid integrity of all the extracts. After that, the company publishes this information on its website for quick access by site visitors.

Products Range

Made by Hemp CBD offers a decent and distinctly formulated product line created in its laboratories and via affiliate manufacturers. The company offers a diverse range of oils, capsules, topicals, vapes, and pet products, as well as a selection from trusted third-party brands. Its product line is suited for multiple health conditions ranging from anxiety to pain relief. It is formulated using broad-spectrum and full-spectrum extracts and active ingredients for optimal efficacy. Despite their premium quality, the company offers these products at competitive market prices for easy access and affordability for everyone. With that in mind, below is an in-depth description of a selection of Made by Hemp’s product catalog, plus their suggested uses.

Made by Hemp Extract Tincture

This is the company’s most popular and flagship product in its catalog. It comes in a 30 ml bottle that packs 1000 mg of CBD. The company went for a highly potent tincture because high concentrations of CBD are known to provide instant relief. The tincture is formulated using full-spectrum hemp extract and contains all the key cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytochemicals associated with the hemp plant. Also, because most people might find the earthy smell of hemp unpleasant, the company decided to offer it in natural flavors, including mojito lime, French vanilla, and strawberry. According to the corresponding product pages, the company suggests oral or sublingual use by holding it for a while under the tongue before swallowing. Besides, it could be infused and taken through drinks and beverages.

Other popular tinctures in the company’s product catalog include;

  • 1500 mg Raw Hemp Extract, blue label, 150 mg/ml.
  • 1000 mg CBD Hemp Extract Tincture, 1oz, 33.33 mg/ml.
  • 2000 mg CBD Hemp Extract Tincture, 1oz, 66.67 mg/ml.
  • 1000 mg THC-Free CBD Oil Focus, 33.33 mg/ml.
  • 2000 mg THC-Free CBD Oil Focus, 66.67 mg/ml.
  • 500 mg THC-Free CBD Oil Relax, 16.67 mg/m.
  • 2000 mg THC-Free CBD Oil Relax, 66.67 mg/ml

Made by Hemp Cooling CBD Salve

This is a CBD-infused post-workout muscle relaxer and soother that is applied directly to the joints or the problematic area. The product comes in a 60 ml bottle and packs 500 mg of CBD and all-natural, organic, and active ingredients. The cream is non-greasy, contains menthol for ease of absorption into the skin, and is available in a push-up tube for ease of application. The cooling salve is formulated using full-spectrum hemp oil and other active ingredients anchored towards soothing the problematic area and reducing inflammation.

Made by Hemp CBD Vape Oil

While most people enjoy taking CBD via edibles, isolates, and tinctures, others prefer to smoke or inhale CBD through vaping. The company offers several vape variants to choose from, including vape cartridges, disposable vape pens, and vape starter kits.

Made by Hemp CBD Patches

This is a unique transdermal CBD product offered by the company. It is ideal for targeted application to the exact problematic area for instant relief. The transdermal patch packs 40 mg of CBD and is attached to the skin, and left for half a day. This mode of application is ideal for folks fond of forgetting their CBD uptake schedules of supplementation. While patched to the skin, it offers a prolonged exposure to CBD, which according to the corresponding product pages, is designed to ease inflammation.

Reviewed Products

Made by Hemp offers a wide range of products ranging from capsules and oils to pet products and suppositories, as well as a decent selection of CBD-infused products from trusted brands. Its highest quality proprietary formulations are known, including tinctures, edibles, topicals, and concentrates. That said, below are reviews of some of the products we ordered from the company.

CBD Tinctures

The company offers several full-spectrum CBD tinctures, each with unique formulations and uses. Its unique hemp extract line of tinctures is available in 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 2000 mg. Further, the company offers them in three flavors: strawberry, vanilla, and lime. These formulations contain less than 0.3% THC, and the full-spectrum hemp oil means they pack useful terpenes and other minor yet beneficial phytochemicals.

CBD Capsules

The company also offers alternatives for folks who don’t fancy the hassle of drops or dislike the earthy taste of hemp. With capsules, users can still enjoy the same benefits but without the fuss of raw oil. They come in 1000 mg packs containing 40 capsules, each 25 mg. Every serving contains useful terpenes, flavonoids, and active phytochemicals associated with the hemp plant. Other variants like tablets and softgels are also available with potencies ranging from 300 mg to 1500 mg.

CBD Topicals and Skincare

Made by Hemp offers numerous topical formulations that users can apply to the skin or any area of the body. They are convenient for targeted application on the problematic area or localized joints or muscles. They are infused with active CBD and organic ingredients that provide instant relief, skin hydration, and revitalization. According to the corresponding product pages, they are also ideal for easing itchiness and skin irritation. Among others, the company offers the following topical and skincare products to consumers:

  • After Golf Topical.
  • CBD Oil Face Serum.
  • CBD-Infused face and body lotion.
  • Hemp CBD patches, 40 mg each.
  • CBD Cooling muscle rub.
  • CBD Balms.
  • CBD massage oil.

CBD Pet Products

The company’s diverse range of CBD formulations also includes a pet line of products for cats and dogs. These fantastic pet-specific CBD products come in 1oz bottles that pack 200 mg to 500 mg of active CBD. The company offers pet tinctures in tasty flavors with formulations that are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

Buying Experience

To begin with, the company runs a user-friendly website with an intuitive design and is well-organized in terms of product categories, price points, ingredient lists, customer goals, preferences, and suggested uses. The company transparently lists all COAs on the website for easy access and offers numerous assistance programs and free shipping on all orders above $99.

Shipping Policy

Once your order has been confirmed, the company dispatches it and delivers within 3 to 4 days. The company uses secure USPS, UPS, and FedEx delivery services, with free shipping on all orders above $99 within the US.


Made by Hemp offers a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee for unused or unopened packages regarding the returns policy. All unopened products are considered resalable on the condition they are returned within 30 days of the delivery. This is evident that the company is confident in its product line.

What We Like About the Company

  • All the products are comprehensively third-party lab tested.
  • Offers plenty of money-saving and assistance programs.
  • Offers numerous varieties per product category.
  • All products are formulated using only the highest-quality hemp extract.

What We Don’t Like About the Company

  • Limited destinations for international shipping.

Our Overall Verdict

Having been established in 2013, Made by Hemp is among the oldest advocates of hemp and plant-based solutions to our daily health issues. The founders boast extensive knowledge and research in CBD formulations, having been in business well before the 2018 landmark US Farm Bill that legalized cannabis. In tandem with a mission to provide only the highest quality hemp-derived products, the company uses American-grown hemp, the gold standard CO2 extraction. Also, it utilizes the services of ISO-certified independent third-party lab testers who verify the purity and consistency of its product batches. This ensures safe products void of contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides, microbes, residual solvents, and heavy metals. Overall, Made by Hemp is devoted to the pillars of transparency, quality, and consistency – all of which are anchored towards delivering only the highest quality and premium products.

Anastasia Filipenko

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